Stretching the Hip Flexors (“Mike’s Proposal Stretch”)

The starting position for this stretch is shown in the image above. Place a pillow or a rolled up towel on the floor and kneel on the pillow to avoid hurting or injuring the knee. The knee is placed directly below the hips, forming a 90 degree angle. The other leg is positioned forward of the body, also at a 90 degree angle. The movement from the starting position is simple but difficult to show on a photo. You will roll the pelvis “upward” towards the head until a comfortable stretch is felt at the front of the hip, namely in the hip flexors. Rolling upwards will involve bending the back slightly (flexion), so take it gently. If you are arching your back and moving your head backwards (extension), then you are rolling your pelvis in the wrong direction. This stretch is held for 25 seconds before returning to the starting position. You can rest for a 10 seconds before stretching the same side again, doings so a total of 3 times. Then change sides, and repeat. You can do this once or twice a day.

If you find this stretch uncomfortable, awkward or just outright impossible to get to grips with, then you can use the Thomas Stretch outlined in another posting.

I like to call this stretch “Mike’s Proposal Stretch” after the physiotherapist who taught me this exercise. Thanks, Mike.

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