Strengthening Vastus Medialis Oblique (VMO)

The image above shows the starting position for this exercise. We are using a red (medium) resistance band for this exercise. Tie the band into a loop around a table leg or some other stable object at knee height. Place your leg inside the loop and position the band behind the knee. With the knee slightly bent, position yourself in such a way that the band is slightly stretched. You are now ready to begin the exercise.

The exercise is very simple. Simply straighten and bend you knee, stretching the band as you do so. Do this is a slow, controlled way. You don’t need to bend the knee too far, only 10 degrees or so. Bending it further doesn’t help strengthen the VMO any more than 10 degrees or so. Do 10 repetitions and take a break. Then do the other side, 10 repetitions again. You can do both sides 3 times, once every day.

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