Improving Proprioception

These exercises are easy to remember and fun. To start, place your feet one in front of the other, with the toes and heel touching slightly. Spread your weight evenly between both feet…don’t sit back on the back leg or lean forward on the front. Keep your arms at the sides and look directly forward. Once you feel steady, close your eyes and try to maintain the position as best you can. Aim to do so for 30 seconds. If you can do this, then you can move onto the next exercise.

For the second exercise, stand with your feet together, legs straight, and hands on your waist. Looking straight ahead, take one foot off the floor and either bend the knee so it is held behind you, or place the leg out front. Try the foot behind if you can. Now close your eyes and try and maintain the position. Aim to do so for 30 seconds.

I often advise people to treat these two exercises as a bit of fun. It can even be something you want to do with a friend or your spouse or children. Don’t worry if you struggle. This is normal for many people, at least in the beginning.

Please practice in a safe place, away from any potential danger. If you have a history of falling and injuring yourself, perhaps it would be best to avoid these exercises.

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