Are you tying your shoelaces correctly?

For many people, how we tie our shoelaces is something we give little thought to. Most of us learn to tie our shoelaces when we are children, and while people may have differences of opinion about how to lace the shoe or tie the knot itself, there is one aspect of tying shoelaces that is often overlooked: foot position when tying.

Most of us will have our foot flat on the ground when we tie our laces. This is, however, not the best position for doing so. Tying our shoelaces with the foot flat on the floor does not secure the foot suitably inside the shoe and, as a result, the foot can move around inside the shoe when walking or running, increasing the risk of developing calluses, blisters, damaged nails, and possibly foot or lower limb pain.

The best way to tie your shoelaces is with the foot flexed upward at the ankle joint, i.e. towards your face. Tying the laces in this position give a more secure fit and will help you reduce the risk of some of the complications that arise when wearing shoes, especially if you are running in them.

I hope you found this helpful. Please keep an eye open for more posts such as this one about foot health related topics. Hopefully you will discover something useful.

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